Friday, 3 May 2013

De bern ha it fjoer oanstutsen (Tsead Bruinja)

Tsead Bruinja is a poet from The Netherlands. He lives in Amsterdam, but is rooted in Fryslân.
He writes in different languages.
I met him at the last Stanza festival (Thanks to Michaël Vandebril for leading me to him) and was blown away by how beautiful the Frisian language(s) sounds.

After the festival I asked him if I could make a video for one of his Frisian poems.
Yes I could. Great.

A few weeks ago Tsead started to release (new) recordings from his latest collection 'Stofsûgersjongers / Stofzuigerzangers'  on soundcloud. I immediately picked out
De bern ha it fjoer oanstutsen to make a video for.


wy jouwe te folle ljocht tegearre
do en ik tinke dat se ús net sjogge
mar se sjogge ús

lykas besjogge se in himel
fol fallende stjerren op flylân
ein augustus

it is nacht op it eilân langstme
dat skûmkoppen fan ferwyt en ferlet oanfrette
en golle weagen fan belofte sân oansette

de bern ha it fjoer oanstutsen op it strân
it hast op in folwoeksen sûpen set en it oan elkoar bekend

sjogge inoar inoar inoar

ien boat kin my meinimme
mar dêrfoar moat ik slimmer siik wêze
en minder ljocht jaan

ien boat komt net
hoe't ik ek flok

baarnt ôf
op oare weagen

raand goud

de bern ha it fjoer oanstutsen
en wy

wy jouwe tefolle ljocht
I started out with creating a soundscape for this great and warm reading;

The images for this one gave me a bit of  a struggle. I wanted to stay away from the obvious link with light and fire. Tried out several things (Tulips losing their leaves, citynights, bare feet in water, ...)
and none of them made the right click with the poem or the music.
Back to the obvious...
I found great stockfootage from detailed fire-particles. They led me to the rest of the images and editing. So ther you go, sometimes the obvious images just work the best...

Tsead loved the result (Always a joy to hear) and promised me to work on an English translation, so you can expect a version with titles in the future.

Have a look and listen;

Words & Voice: Tsead Bruinja
Concept, Editing & Music: Swoon
Thanks: VFX Footage

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