Tuesday, 26 February 2013


More than a year ago I was looking for the next step in the evolution of my videopoetry.
I made tryptichs, a videopoem chapbook...
it seemed natural that more poems into one poetry film would be next.

After the Felix Poetry Festival of 2012, I pitched the idea to Michaël Vandebril:
'How about a short film based on 10-15 poems from different writers?'
'Yes, let's go for it'

A year went by. Looking for poems that, when combined, could tell a story.
Looking for fundings to get a real translator, actors to read, actors to play, technicians, locations, ...
Looking for someone to help produce this project...

It all worked out.

Cirkel/Circle was made from 11 poems by 11 different Belgian writers.
A story through 11 poems told by 3 voices and played by 2 actors.

Cirkel/Circle is a story of life, lust, love and loss.

This project was made possible with the support of 'Stad Antwerpen', 'Het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren' & 'VONK & Zonen vzw'

Poems (in order of appearance):
Meer tijd - More Time (Jan Lauwereyns)
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv (Michaël Vandebril)
Over de afstand tussen twee vogels (III) - On the Distance between Two Birds (III) (Lies van Gasse)
Het komt - It Will Come (Stefan Hertmans)
!!! - !!! (Xavier Roelens)
Krop - Crop (Leonard Nolens)
Of wel - Or Will It (Marleen de Crée)
Een hele kleine oorlog - That Little War (Yannick Dangre)
De reu rouwt, de mens steelt - The Hound Mourns and People Steal (Delphine Lecompte)
Dertien vragen en geen antwoord - Thirteen Questions Without An Answer (Stijn Vranken)
Onvoltooid - Unfinished (Charles Ducal)

Translation: Willem Groenewegen

Voices: Vic De Wachter (poems 1, 6, 7, 8) - Michaël Pas (poems 2, 4, 10, 11) - Karlijn Sileghem (poems 3, 5, 9)
Voice recordings: Alan De Feyter

Actors: Katrijn Clemer - Mathieu Courtois - Rommel

Music: 'Morning Light on the Lafferty Place'/'Voice of the Flatworm'/'Interior Field Trip'/'Redwing (traditional) - by Hanklebury
'Undone'/'Night & Moonlight' by Lunova Labs
'Two Women' by Swoon

Production: Michaël Vandebril - Katrijn Clemer - Swoon
Concept, Camera, Editing & Direction: Swoon

I would like to thank all involved with getting this done, giving me
inspiration, support and encouragement along the way.

Cirkel / Circle is finished and will be premiered at the StAnza Poetry Festival.
It's Belgian premiere will be at The Felix Poetry Festival.

Meanwhile you can have a look at an extended trailer of the poetry film.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shy Reptile (by Reiziger)

Last year the band Reiziger asked me to make a few music video's.

Their album 'Kodiak Station' and the first single 'Bended Trees' were already released and have received good reviews in the press.

Now it's time for my personal favourite of the album; Shy Reptile.

 I created the video last year out of footage from 'Insects on flowers' (Dubois JM) - 'Form, Design & The City' (Defrenes Company)
alongside titles I took from  'Theories of Personalites', a book by Feist & Feist & 'Pests & Diseases' from a website about bees.

All to create a form of alienation and a link between human/city development and bees.

 Anyway, here it is...

Music: Reiziger
Concept, editing, add. camera & treats: Swoon
Footage: 'Insects on flowers' (Dubois JM) - 'Form, Design & The City' (Defrenes Company)
(Public Domain)