Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Shy Reptile (by Reiziger)

Last year the band Reiziger asked me to make a few music video's.

Their album 'Kodiak Station' and the first single 'Bended Trees' were already released and have received good reviews in the press.

Now it's time for my personal favourite of the album; Shy Reptile.

 I created the video last year out of footage from 'Insects on flowers' (Dubois JM) - 'Form, Design & The City' (Defrenes Company)
alongside titles I took from  'Theories of Personalites', a book by Feist & Feist & 'Pests & Diseases' from a website about bees.

All to create a form of alienation and a link between human/city development and bees.

 Anyway, here it is...

Music: Reiziger
Concept, editing, add. camera & treats: Swoon
Footage: 'Insects on flowers' (Dubois JM) - 'Form, Design & The City' (Defrenes Company)
(Public Domain)

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