Tuesday, 26 February 2013


More than a year ago I was looking for the next step in the evolution of my videopoetry.
I made tryptichs, a videopoem chapbook...
it seemed natural that more poems into one poetry film would be next.

After the Felix Poetry Festival of 2012, I pitched the idea to Michaël Vandebril:
'How about a short film based on 10-15 poems from different writers?'
'Yes, let's go for it'

A year went by. Looking for poems that, when combined, could tell a story.
Looking for fundings to get a real translator, actors to read, actors to play, technicians, locations, ...
Looking for someone to help produce this project...

It all worked out.

Cirkel/Circle was made from 11 poems by 11 different Belgian writers.
A story through 11 poems told by 3 voices and played by 2 actors.

Cirkel/Circle is a story of life, lust, love and loss.

This project was made possible with the support of 'Stad Antwerpen', 'Het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren' & 'VONK & Zonen vzw'

Poems (in order of appearance):
Meer tijd - More Time (Jan Lauwereyns)
Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv (Michaël Vandebril)
Over de afstand tussen twee vogels (III) - On the Distance between Two Birds (III) (Lies van Gasse)
Het komt - It Will Come (Stefan Hertmans)
!!! - !!! (Xavier Roelens)
Krop - Crop (Leonard Nolens)
Of wel - Or Will It (Marleen de Crée)
Een hele kleine oorlog - That Little War (Yannick Dangre)
De reu rouwt, de mens steelt - The Hound Mourns and People Steal (Delphine Lecompte)
Dertien vragen en geen antwoord - Thirteen Questions Without An Answer (Stijn Vranken)
Onvoltooid - Unfinished (Charles Ducal)

Translation: Willem Groenewegen

Voices: Vic De Wachter (poems 1, 6, 7, 8) - Michaël Pas (poems 2, 4, 10, 11) - Karlijn Sileghem (poems 3, 5, 9)
Voice recordings: Alan De Feyter

Actors: Katrijn Clemer - Mathieu Courtois - Rommel

Music: 'Morning Light on the Lafferty Place'/'Voice of the Flatworm'/'Interior Field Trip'/'Redwing (traditional) - by Hanklebury
'Undone'/'Night & Moonlight' by Lunova Labs
'Two Women' by Swoon

Production: Michaël Vandebril - Katrijn Clemer - Swoon
Concept, Camera, Editing & Direction: Swoon

I would like to thank all involved with getting this done, giving me
inspiration, support and encouragement along the way.

Cirkel / Circle is finished and will be premiered at the StAnza Poetry Festival.
It's Belgian premiere will be at The Felix Poetry Festival.

Meanwhile you can have a look at an extended trailer of the poetry film.

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