Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Crowning of Jesters

A conversation:

S: "And now for something completely different...
I'm working on a new video; The shareholders meeting

Images will come from this video: 
I'm doing a re-edit of that archive material and Maybe  I want to add exerpts from 'Das Kapital' by Marx as titles. One thing missing: a poem that reflects greed, money - power, crisis, banks, the whole bubble of money driven economics that led to the different crises we had,...
Nothing literally...hints, atmosphere... Are you up for it?  Let me know what you think..."
                                                                 - TIME -

D: "...As for the new prompt, I can definitely give it a shot. I'll see if I can conjure up a draft within the next couple of days. Is that ok?"
                                                                 - TIME - 

S: "Yes, sure. Take your time...I'm happy you want to go for it..."

                                                                 - TIME -
D: "So, this is a draft. It's a little more upfront than some of the other stuff I've written for you, I think. That said, it's still pretty surreal. I want to still tweak it a bit, read it aloud a few times, etc"
                                                                  - TIME -
S: "Yes! Yes. Fantastic title. Love the quotes.
Good imaging. The last line
'Currency is a plot of land to which the wingless birds have marched us—on which we are sold the means to dig ourselves a more efficient kind of grave' is spot on...
So yes, you're definitely on to something. Tweak as you like and see fit."
                                                                   - TIME -
D: "I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I plan to have your poem recorded and on your desk by the end of the weekend at the latest.
I have it finished. I just need to be in a quiet environment with software long enough to read and edit it. Ha!
I should have it to you very soon now.
For what it's worth, I'm really liking this piece. I'm looking forward to the done deal"
                                                                   - TIME -
S: "Version 2.9: (still private, pass: jesters) Let me know your thoughts." 
                                                                   - TIME -
D: "This is intense, man. Really intense. Opening with the scrolling stock stuff is brilliant. I love the way the words fit into the visuals all the way around. I was convinced I was watching a seance or something--very ominous. I think it's great"
                                                               - THE POEM -

                                                         THE CROWNING OF JESTERS
we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
—Anaïs Nin 

you wanted everything / you needed everything
—Fugazi, Greed 

The shallowy birds of the moment have given up to us their saccharin wings. They have eaten from the bowls of the dead, and they have swallowed back the coins left behind by the namesakes of unnamed families, whose bodies have been broken in the process of provision, their feet left dangling, given to the only certainties promised by a bacchic and unsteady wind.

ominous chamber music,
violins, et cetera.
bold static figures 
moving in and out of light— 

creatures reduced to the babble
of rusted swing sets, falling
about themselves,
tottering from the backs of chairs

When we say amen, we mean in god we trust. When we say in god we trust, we assume that our temples have been insured against the salt of the wicked men. Currency is a plot of land to which the wingless have marched us—on which we are sold the means to dig ourselves a deeper & more efficient kind of grave.
                                                                      - THE VIDEO -

Words & Voice: David Tomaloff
Concept, add. Camera, Editing, Music: Swoon
Footage: '3 Glazer' (Lutz Mommartz)

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