Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The reduction of a clear sky

Tussen alle geweldige samenwerkingen door probeer maak ik af en toe tijd vrij te om een videogedicht te maken met eigen woorden.

The reduction of a clear sky is er zo eentje.

I was alone on a night with a deadline when I heard a warm husky voice saying: 'hello'
My mouth tasted like raw fish. Fingers tried to unlock my jaw.
For a brief moment I saw everything from her perspective. She only had a memory for facts and numbers. The invisible side, the flipside, the bottom and inside of everything around me dissolved into fragments of a landscape. Sliding further and further away.
The only thing left to see was a mountain with a bad side and a good side.
The possibility of the wrong choice made me paranoid. I froze.
The sea went quiet and all the colors vaporized.
In the distance I could hear a solution being dragged away.

Op de track drijft een vertraagde sample van Schubert;

Beelden zijn lagen van natuurlijke structuren (water, ijs, steen,...) die ik over footage heb gelegd van
een oude horror 'Terror in the midnight sun' (Virgil W. Vogel)

Enfin...'t is klaar.

The reduction of a clear sky

Words, voice, camera, montage, bewerking & muziek: Swoon
Footage: 'Terror in the midnight sun' (Virgil W. Vogel)

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