Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Woot Woot and other goodies, part II

What a superb fall, with video's blown all over the globe.
I can only be thankful and honored by so much attention.

A big thanks to all the poets, writers and translators, readers,...
It's all because of you all that this is possible.

An update on all the selections and screenings of the next months...

01-31/10: 'Disintegration Nation' will be part of 'Visual Container-TV' as part of their "Celeste prize best of 2012"

06/10: 'De Sluis / The sluice' was selected for and wil be screened at "Co-Kisser Second Annual Poetry-Film Festival" (Minneapolis, US).

11/10: Collaboration with ART VISUALS & POETRY for their Trakl Remixed project. I made 2 video's based on texts written by Sigrun Höllrigl. One of the two was also selected for "ZEBRA 2012".
The two will be premiered during a workshop about videopoetry that I will attend at their festival (Vienna, Austria)

13/10: 'Cioran', 'Odds and Ends', and 'the road not taken' were selected for and will be screened at "Visible Verse 2012" (Vancouver, Canada).

11-13/10: 'Hunting for peace / One thousand pieces' and 'Disintegration Nation' were selected for and will be screened at "Simultan Festival 2012" (Timisoara, Romania)

13/10: An anthology (compiled by Chrétien Breukers); "Tussen boog en snaar" (Uitgeverij P, Leuven, 2012) by Marleen de Crée will be presented.
We will screen 'Nog Niet', 'Of wel', 'Faites vos Jeux' and 'Laat ons sterven zijn' during the book presentation at "Galerij De Zwarte Panter" (Antwerp, Belgium).

18-22/10: 'Proof', 'The Stockholm Syndrome','Flight (The Sights and Sounds of Arctic Birds)', 'requiem auf georg trakl', 'Ochtend/Dawning' ware selected for ZEBRA 2012 and will be screened during the festival (Berlin, Germany)
'Peter Quince at the clavier' was selected for the competition of the same festival.

26/10: 'The Moon and the Yew Tree', 'Red Lost Ghosts', 'Entry (Exit Strategies I)', 'PROOF (a tryptich)'and 'Sleepdancing (Giddoo)' are selected for "Void International" (Athens, Greece).

02/11: 'Droom van de trappen / Staircase Dream', 'On the stars outside', 'Orphanage' 'Seafarer', 'Laat ooit ons sterven zijn / Let whenever our dying be' and 'Gecompliceerde Schaduwen / Complicated shadows' will be screened at 'Alloa Poetry Jam' during the 'Clackmannanshire Storytelling Festival 2012' (Alloa Tower, Clackmannanshire, Scotland)

22/11: We will screen 'Nog Niet', 'Of wel', 'Faites vos Jeux' and 'Laat ons sterven zijn' at "De donderdagen van de poezie" (Permeke bibliotheek, Antwerp, Belgium).
28/11: 'Droom van de trappen / Staircase Dream' and 'Where sins are more sinful' were selected for '25th Instants Vidéo Poétique' and will be screened at 'Video Bardo' (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

28/11: 'Ochtend / Dawning' was selected for '25th Instants Vidéo Poétique' and will be screened at
Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Arts Center (Alexandia, Egypt)

01-09/12: 'Disintegration nation' made it to the final ten at the Celeste prize 2012 competition (in the video/animation category). Final exhibition and awards at the Centrale Montemartini (Rome, Italy)

22/12: I will be making a (one or two) videopoem(s) for 'Stad in verandering', to be screened at their closing event 'Winterwoorden'

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