Friday, 28 September 2012

ART VISUALS & POETRY; on Georg Trakl

Almost a year ago ART VISUALS & POETRY placed 'Proof (a triptych)' by David Tomaloff and me.
They said some really nice things about thet video, so I deceided to contact them.

I started a 'virtual' conversation with Sigrun Höllrigl about what their organisation did/does, about visuals, my work, videopoetry, art,...
She asked if I was interested (or did I ask if they had any projects I could join?) in trying to make a few video's for their project about Georg Trakl.

She send me two texts she had written for 'Trakl Remixed' (Premiere on 2.2.2011 in Salzburg in collaboration with: Verein Literaturhaus Salzburg and Trakl-Forschungs- und Gedenkstätte)

'requiem auf Georg Trakl' (Requiem on Georg Trakl) and 'ein blaues tier sig verneigt' (A blue animal bows)

We discussed a lot on what kind of atmosphere she wanted the video's to have, I suggested some visuals and sounds for the video's,...

 A lot of mailing back and forth with ideas and suggestions. With translations, titles, English readings,...

In the end she did two readings (in German) and I made two video's. One (Requiem on Georg Trakl) of them got selected for ZEBRA 2012, so I made English subtitles for that one.

On october 11 I will go to Vienna to attend ART VISUALS & POETRY their festival. We'll show the video's, there will be live performances, workshops,...

Anyways, for those who can't make it to Vienna...

ein blaues tier sich verneigt from Swoon on Vimeo.

requiem auf georg trakl from Swoon on Vimeo.

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