Monday, 17 September 2012

Laat ooit ons sterven zijn / Let whenever our dying be

October 13th an anthology (compiled by Chrétien Breukers); "Tussen boog en snaar" (Uitgeverij P, Leuven, 2012) by Marleen de Crée will be presented.

Earlier this year I made new or adapted versions of three older videopoems for poems by Marleen. English translations for the three 'Nog Niet', 'Of wel' and 'Faites vos Jeux' were made by Annmarie Sauer.

We will screen these videopoems during the book presentation at 'Galerij De Zwarte Panter' (Antwerp, Belgium) in the midst of the beautiful expo by Jan Vanriet

Later in november (22/11) Marleen will be guest at Donderdagen van de poëzie. She will be interviewed by Johan de Boose, read from her work and we will show a few of our collaborations.

A while back Marleen and Jean (her husband) were visiting us to talk about these upcoming activities (among many other things)

During that visit She gave us a beautiful present. You see, Marleen is not only great with words. She's also a fine visual artist. This colorful work of art ('De kuise Suzanna')was an unexpected, lovely and very warm gift.

I just had to to something in return.

Later on Marleen send me one of her own favorite poems. A sonnet;

Laat ooit ons sterven zijn

laat ooit ons sterven zijn als bellen blazen,
met efemere schijnsels van een onbekende vlucht.
met witte duiven en stemmen die verdwijnen.
een vochtig praten tot aan de rand gevuld.

de adem in een achterstallig hijgen,
bewasemd met een glans van spijt.
het goud geteld met onbelemmerd zwijgen
en liefde in het teken van het krijt.

ik sterf geduldig in een waas van dromen
en dierbaarheid ligt in mijn hand,
als waaier voor de hitte die zal komen.

de duiven drijven teder in de lucht
en in de takken van de laatste bomen.
ik heb je lief, mijn warmte is niet opgebrand.

from: Letters to Plinius II: Over the bridge of hesitations, Poëziecentrum 1990
Annmarie Sauer made a translation.

let whenever our dying be

let whenever our dying be like blowing bubbles,
with ephemeral shimmers of an unknown flight.
with white doves and disappearing voices.
a moist talking filled to the brim.

the breath in an overdue panting,
misted with a glow of remorse.
the gold counted in unhindered silence
and love in the sign of chalk.

I die patiently in a haze of dreams
and fondness lies in my hand,
as a fan against the coming heat.

pigeons sail tenderly in the sky
and in the branches of the last trees.
I do love you, my warmth has not been burned up.

I immediately wanted to make a video for this, but it wasn't an easy task. The sonnet is delicate, light almost, while the subject isn't. It's a comforting poem.

I made a track and went looking for suitable images.

I had images of a tangle of wire with a black loose thread, like a pendant almost, as an image of life on a wire. Not that I wanted to use images that were too literally, I did want to use some footage I made of pigeons. It was al about coming and going, staying or not. About love...

Words: Marleen de Crée
Translation: Annmarie Sauer
Voice: Katrijn Clemer
Concept, camera, editing, music: Swoon

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