Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Woot woot and other goodies

This fall has all the promises of a full bag of goodies...
A busy one, but packed with all kinds of selections, screenings, collaborations, trips,...

A small run through the festivities;

For "Uitgesproken" (A vinyl record with ten poets) I delivered two soundscapes to accompany a poem by Delphine Lecompte and Michaël Vandebril. The record will be presented at "Zuiderzinnen" (16/09/2012, Antwerp, Belgium) and at 'De Boekenbeurs' (our national bookfair)(03/11/2012, Antwerp, Belgium).

'Aan het water', 'Faites vos jeux', 'Tread Lightly and 'Dear Giant ('Of wel' - 'Or shall it')' will be part of a video loop I'm making for the opening of 'Cadixroute 2012' on 29/09/2012 (Antwerp, Belgium).
I will also make some brand new videopoems in the theme of 'Wind & Water' to be screened at 'Winterwoorden', the closing festivity at the end of december.

'De droom van de trappen (staircase dreams)' was selected for and will be screened at the Meridian Czernowitz festival 8/09/2012 (Czernowitz, Ukraine).

'The Moon and the Yew Tree', 'Red Lost Ghosts', 'Entry (Exit Strategies I)', 'Proof', 'Thespianic Mythologies No.4' and 'Sleepdancing (Giddoo)' are selected for "Void International" and will be screened in October 2012 (Athens, Greece).

'Odds and Ends' made it to the final ten of the "VidLit" videopoem competition; Voting will be open until September 15th.

'De Sluis / The sluice' was selected for and wil be screened at "Co-Kisser Second Annual Poetry-Film Festival" on 06/10/2012 (Minneapolis, US).

Collaboration with ART VISUALS & POETRY for their Trakl Remixed project. I made 2 video's based on texts written by Sigrun Höllrigl. One of the two was selected for "ZEBRA 2012".
The two will be premiered during a workshop about videopoetry that I will attend at their festival 11/10/2012 in Vienna.

'Peter Quince at the clavier' was selected for the competition of ZEBRA 2012 and will be screened during the festival (Berlin, Germany) also selected but outside the competition were 'Proof', 'The Stockholm Syndrome','Flight (The Sights and Sounds of Arctic Birds)', 'requiem auf georg trakl', 'Ochtend/Dawning'. Enough reasons for me to go over to Berlin and visit the festival.

October 13th an anthology "Tussen boog en snaar" (Uitgeverij P, Leuven, 2012) by Marleen de Crée will be presented. I made new or adapted versions of three older videopoems that I made last year. English translations for the three 'Nog Niet', 'Of wel' and 'Faites vos Jeux' were made by Annmarie Sauer. We will screen these videopoems during the book presentation at 'Galerij De Zwarte Panter' (Antwerp, Belgium)

Also on october 13th, Visible Verse Festival, three of my videopoems were selected;
'Cioran', 'The Road Not Taken' and 'Odds and Ends'

Poetry International selected also three of my works for their Cinépoetry feature. ('Proof', 'The Road Not Taken' and 'Where sins are more sinful') the publication date for the next issue of Poetry International has been moved to the winter of 2012 and they are also planning a screening of the selected films in Chicago, and potentially other cities, to coincide with the release of the print journal. 

You can have a look at all the selected video's on my site.

Between all these great happenings I will be making and releasing new work;

A collaboration with Dena Rash Guzman; She wrote a poem: "On the stars outside" based on music and images I had send her.
Videopoems for "One thousand pieces" a poem by Sharrif Simmons, for "From a notebook weighting 194 grams" by Rodney Wood, for "Altijd (Always)" by Luuk Gruwez, for "Notes from noise" an English poem by Jan Lauwereyns, for "Memoires" by Paul Snoek and for "Laat ooit ons sterven zijn" (a sonnet by Marleen de Crée) with a translation of Annmarie Sauer.

Then there's some more news about a big project involving a lot of poets, translations and collaborations; a 'poetry-film' (I'm aiming between 20-30 min.), but more about that in a later post.

Let me just say thank you. Thank you to all the writers and poets who have trusted me with their words. Thank you to all the curators and festival-organisers who are willing to give my films a big screen or other ways of attention.

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