Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Seafarer (David Tomaloff)

A while back I found this on my FB wall;

Knowing the works of the writer a bit, I was curious...
It was a poem, in the form of a 'tiny novella' and you had to fold it correctly before you could read it.

Origami Poems Project is fun. You get all these great poems in a highly orignal form.
But in this case it was not only the form.

'Seafarer' struck me immediately as a piece that I wanted to do something with. It wasn't the first time I made a video for David his words, and if he keeps on writing like this, it won't be the last.

So 'Seafarer', I suggest you print out the original fold it correctly and start reading. Now.

The video. I wanted to make a track first. David had send me a recording of him reading the whole piece. I needed to embed that reading in the right atmosphere. It took some puzzling this time.

I had these two tracks:

But they could not carry the story on their own. I had to combine these two, add some extra sounds into the mix and try to make them 'curl' around David's story and voice...
I came up with this one:

For the images I wanted to use the superb footage of Ivan Besse again.
I wanted to tell a story with the footage. A story that touches some parts of 'Seafarer' but could also open up completely different interpretations of the work as a whole or some of it's details.

Anyways...the work is done. Enjoy!

Words & voice: David Tomaloff
Thanks to Origami Poems Project

Concept, editing, treats & music: Swoon
Footage: Ivan Besse collection (Public Domain - Prelinger)

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