Monday, 6 August 2012


A new Howie Good publication (Desecrations, Fowlpox,2012 - get it now!)
came to me in the same week a Qarrtsiluni podcast of Howie doing one of those poems hit me in the face...I couldn't let these two moments go by.

I asked Dave Bonta and Howie Good if I could use the words and recording.

I had just turned six. The universal symbol for handicapped hadn’t been invented yet. Birds dragging broken wings left their black
footprints on the stairs.

My parents made me take piano lessons. The piano hated me. I spent
Hanukkah watching Christmas lights blink on and off on the house
across the street.

My shadow walked ahead. It seemed odd that the stairs that went up
were the same stairs that went down.

A man stood washing an apple at the sink. All the windows facing the

other side of the world were open. Veiled women beckoned him into the
Kasbah. The X on the sidewalk marks the spot where he landed.

I had a track ('Gaze') that I used before for an older videopoem that I wasn't to happy with.
But I still love the track.
'Gaze', by the way is on 'Pathways' a great sampler on netlabel NSI. You can get that just for free.

I made use of some great footage I found on Prelinger from a guy Ivan Besse, who filmed everyday life in South Dakota somewhere in '38 '39...
I combined that footage with layers of recordings I made myself to add a ghostlike atmosphere (to fit the soundscape) and a bit of colour and depth. it is

Poem & voice: Howie Good (from 'Desecrations' - Fowlpox, 2012)
(Recording: Qarrtsiluni Podcast 05/07/2012)
Concept, camera, editing &music: Swoon
The instrumental track ('Gaze') is part of the NSI collection 'Pathways'
Footage: Ivan Besse Collection (Britton, South Dakota '38/'39 - Prelinger Archives) - Nile's Family 1975 (Nylah01)

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