Sunday, 23 October 2011

Proof: Thespianic Mythology No. 4

'Proof'  is een videogedicht-triptiek in opbouw.
3 Gedichten van David Tomaloff in video verwerkt door mezelf.

'Thespianic Mythology No. 4'  is het tweede deel.
Alle 'panelen' zullen ook hier te zien zijn:

Thespianic Mythology No. 4 
“Iceland. Anesthesia? What was that word again?” The nebulous blue shadow cast his voice in the form of a question from the wings. He was never quite sure of himself in these situations. “It’s Gravy!” called an usher from the rear of the auditorium. “Gravy is majestic! Gravy is no false induction, jack!” Just then, the rotten eggs. A minute later, the salmon. They make their way upstream and gather old popcorn in readiness for their winter slumbers. “I could have been a flower girl,” the nebulous blue shadow whispered to himself as he shrunk in despondence. “I could have pondered {XXX}, physics, or subliminal linguistics. I am the opposite of river. I am a slave to my one distinguishable character—my lack of proper face.”

Thespianic Mythology No. 4

Stem en gedicht: David Tomaloff
Camera, concept, montage, bewerking, muziek: Swoon
Dank: Phil Fried (Highway)

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  1. Tomaloff's writing is incredible, and a good match for your videoscopic imagination. The pairing works superbly, though that, of course, is not the disquieting feeling the reader/viewer finds all the way through and is left with at the end. The angst of the modern soul in its postmodernisms, its post-humanisms, is everywhere. Faceless, nameless. Yet on the stage in a totally surrealistic play of Iceland, blue shadows, gravy, salmon that eat popcorn, flower girls, subliminal linguistics, and a 'lack of a proper face.' Wow.