Thursday, 16 February 2012

Manual: How to listen.

De derde in de serie en diegene die het drieluik compleet maakt.
How to listen
Just as the tail bone is a vestigial tail, the ears are vestigial cabbages.
Wear a hat to ward off ear worms, which if unchecked can turn into ear butterflies.
Listen with the heart. It’s not really designed for that, but it gets bored just pumping blood all the time.
Listen with your skin: each body hair is an antenna.
Turn on, tune in, drop into a really comfortable couch.
That “still, small voice” is neither God nor conscience but a long-deceased great aunt with a few things still on her mind.
Take notes.
All sound can be heard as music, but not all music can be heard as music.
Your life did, in fact, come with a soundtrack—what have you done with it?
The listener, too, must improvise.
One chord is enough for most purposes—don’t be greedy!
Silence can take four basic forms: pregnant, shocked, utter, and radio.
Pregnant silence is the most tragic, since she always dies giving birth.
Compose in her memory a sonata for the ear trumpet.

De werkwijze voor deze derde moest hetzelfde blijven. Het spek, huis- tuin- keuekenmateriaal, licht en absurd.
Dave Bonta schrijft ijverig verder aan zijn Manual, dus blijft de kans dat er nog video's komen voor het handboek, maar dan anders van insteek.

How to listen

Woorden en stem: Dave Bonta
Concept, camera, montage, muziek: Swoon

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