Monday, 16 July 2012

Marleen de Crée - vertalingen Annmarie Sauer

These last 12 months I made 3 videopoems for the beautiful poems of Marleen de Crée.
All in Dutch, some with an attempt to subtitling...

In the fall of this year a well deserved anthology of Marleen's work will be presented.
Chrétien Breukers made the selection voor  'Tussen boog en snaar' (Uitgeverij P, Leuven, 2012)

The book will be presented in galery 'De Zwarte Panter' on saturday october 13 (I will show these videopoems there too)

Annmarie Sauer, writer, translator, poet,.. has been translating a great deal of Marleen's poetry for 'world internet books'. 'Not yet' is part of 'Sequenza' (world internet books, 2012)
That is a good thing.
When asked if she was willing to do 2 extra translations so all three videopoems could get subtitles, she was happy to do so.

So, with the recent re-makes I have been doing and the newly translated poems, I now proudly present (with titles) three videopoems for the words of Marleen de Crée:

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