Thursday, 27 December 2012


My last videopoem of 2012 was a blast of a collaboration.
On one hand I had a poem by Erica Goss and on the other I got to use and re-edit images by Alastair Cook.
It's like the cook said: Making a great dinner is easy if you have the finest ingredients.

Some of you might know Erica throught the great series of articles about videopoetry she's been writing for Connotation Press. Others might already know she's a fine writer.
In any case I was happy to get the chance to do something with one of her poems that was published earlier in Connotation Press;


In the spirit world
backlit by old stars

dreams sound like
water falling

we are inside
and outside
at the same time

trays clack like old bones
as faces rise from wet paper

their deep cloudy eyes
and conquered mouths
appear between our hands

lips and chins a blurry landscape
touched with the faint light
of a slow exposure

switch off the red
and exhale
we stand on their ashes

I loved the images, figures and the sound of this poem. When she send me a reading I went to work and took bits of two tracks I did earlier to make a solid (yet noisy) base.

For images I went knockin' on Alastair Cook's door.
Earlier this year Alastair and I worked together on two versions of 'Aan het water' (by Bernard Dewulf): and
A few weeks ago this collaboration knew a follow up in 'Every Memory' (from the 'Absent Voices' series) where he made great use of some footage I had send him.
In return I could make use of some of his images.
As I said, cooking's easy this way...

Words & voice: Erica Goss
Cinematography: Alastair Cook
Concept, editing & music: Swoon

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