Saturday, 19 January 2013

2013 coming up...

Just starting to roll, 2013 is already trying hard to overthrow its predecessor.

Some of the things that are coming up this year, lined up;

Day is done
A collaboration with Johan de Boose (with the support of Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen and Het Poëziecentrum)
Johan wrote a beautiful poem especially for 'Gedichtendag'
I was happy to be given the chance to make a video for this piece. The video and poem will be presented at schools during poetry week. Later this year I will make a second videopoem for one of the poems Johan writes for Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen.

Cirkel / Circle
My most ambitious project up to now.
Cirkel/Circle is a film based on 11 poems by 11 different Flemish writers.
Thanks to the financial support of The Flemish Fund For Literature and City of Antwerp and the production of Michaël Vandebril (Vonk&Zonen vzw) this project will be a collaboration with 11 poets (Michaël VandebrilStefan Hertmans, Stijn Vranken, Charles Ducal, Lies Van Gasse, Xavier Roelens, Delphine Lecompte, Jan Lauwereyns, Leonard Nolens, Marleen de Crée, YM Dangre), 3 actors (Michaël Pas, Vic De Wachter and Karlijn Sileghem) and different musicians (Hank Tilbury, Lunova Labs)
The film will have subtitles thanks to the professional translations of Willem Groenewegen.
The film will have its world premiere at STANZA 2013 (Michaël Vandebril and I are invited to show and tell) and its Belgian premiere at Felix Poetry Festival.
This is a project I am very proud of.
Proud and humble that all those great talents are working together.

Belgian band Reiziger kicks of te new year with a brand new album.
Kodiak Station (Birch&Broom / PIAS / Red Plane Records) will be released 04/02/2013.
It was a great joy to make three musicvideo's for the album and even more so to create visuals for their upcoming live shows.

Workshops videopoetry
Creatief Schrijven organises a course in literary writing (basic).
Together with 3 other artists (Lies Van Gasse, Michaël Brijs and Maja Jantar) I was asked to give a small series of workshops to let the aspiring writers get to know videopoetry and give them a chance to work with me producing and creating a video for their own words.
This will be a first for me and I'm looking foreward to this.

Georg Trakl for Art, Visuals & Poetry
Art Visuals & Poetry invited me to make 3 videopoems for poems by Austrian writer Georg Trakl.
The video's will appear on a dvd (together with works by...)  in the fall of 2013 presented and produced by Sigrun Höllrigl of Art Visuals & Poetry.

London Poetry Systems have invited me to introduce a few of my videopoems on their next live event (16/02/2013) in London. Happy to do so! At that event (in the Edel Assanti Gallery) Alastair Cook, Luca Nasciuti and I (among others) will show and perform film- and videopoems.
I even made a brand new videopoem for 'Another slow day' a poem written and read by Henry Stead (of LPS)

Hard // Hoofd asked me to make a contribution to their wonderful site. Yes.
It's going to be a collaboration with Laura van der Haar, who just won the Dutch poetryslam championchip 2012.

In between all that there will be new festival entries, videopoems and collaborations with Delphine Lecompte, Dena Rash Guzman, David Tomaloff,...and hopefully many more...

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