Saturday, 26 November 2011

Trauma deel 2: Two Women

Kort en snel:

Deel 2 van mijn eigen videogedicht triptiek is klaar.

Two Women

“You should have buried your mother a long time ago”,
the porcelain whispered in crumbs.
All the lost moments gave me a guilty look like monumental landscapes
no one could see through. The only one I frighten with these thoughts
is me. There’ no way back, no proof.
She sculpted a quiet face out of the passion she brought
from her childhood. A spiders web of cracks a a guide.
Arms and legs. Disappointment as sawdust. In the
garden of her mother the pond had been dry
for many years now. Above the roar of the fairground
the sirens broke a thought:
“Shake well before use”.

Two Women

Camera: Joseph Taylor en Swoon
Woorden, stem, concept, montage en muziek: Swoon

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